Customer Testimony

Data Recovery companies often receive happy customer testimonies. Rather than listing all of them, we chose Donald's. His testimony reflects what we tried to achieve with PhotoRescue: a reliable, easy to use data-recovery solution that you can rely upon when it really matters. Thanks Donald for your very kind e-mail.

Subject: ALL Pictures Were Recovered

Yesterday my second Grand Daughter was born. I took 30+ pictures of her on my digital camera which uses SmartMedia. Everyone thought the pictures were very good and we all viewed them on the camera several times while still at the hospital. Last night when I got home and unwound I decided to load them on to my computer. I removed the SmartMedia card from the camera (like I have done untold number of times, not suspecting that something might be wrong), and placed the card in my card reader. To my horror it could not find any pictures on the card. I removed it from the card reader and put it back in the camera. The camera showed “no pictures”! I put the card back in the card reader and still had no luck. I did this several times thinking that something must have been scrambled on the card and praying that either the camera or card reader would recognize the data. Then about midnight I took the card to work and tried it on the card reader I have on my computer at work. Again, it could not find any pictures. My wife and I were really upset, as the pictures would be special to us and all of the family.

At work, at one time, I had the opportunity to be involved with researching data recovery so I knew that maybe it was possible to still recover the pictures. So this morning I searched the internet for “SmartMedia Data Recovery”. After reading about several of the data recovery products available I decided the “PhotoRescue Wizard for PC” might work, so I downloaded the trial version. Much to my happiness it worked great!

Thank you very much for having a product that actually does what it says it will do and being so easy to operate. The wizard just completes the process in just a few easy steps!

I realize that companies may have the need to recover lost data from time to time and it may be extremely hard and expensive to recreate. It could also be disastrous if the data was lost. But, that would be nothing compared to loosing pictures that are priceless.

You have my permission to use this letter as a testimonial.

Donald C. King (Happy Grandpa)