Our fair, no-nonsense, refund policy - please read and understand as there will be no exception.

1. Recovery guarantee: what you see in the demo is what you'll get.

Until January 15, 2002, we were the only data-recovery software vendor to offer refunds. We believed it was fair to refundcustomers if the program doesn't work and we still do. However, we were surprised to see that there were people who would be dishonest enough to take advantage of this. Therefore we have now made our refund policy a bit stricter. Customers should have tried the free demo. It's free and its behaviour is identical to the full version. If the demo doesn't work for you, the full version will not work either. In other words, this is what you see is what you get, if the demo version shows your picture's thumbnails, the full version will recover them. If it does not show thumbnails, the full version will not recover. Color may be slightly off, especially if you are shooting in raw mode. In that case, pictures are recoverable with correct colors.

If the demo works for you and the full version doesn't, then and only then we will issue a refund provided you can send us a either a backup image of the card that created the problem or a picture that was incorrectly previewed by photorescue and that we see that the demo and the full version don't behave identically on these cards. Images of cards can be created by both the full and the demo version. Information on how to deliver them to us is available upon simple request.

  • by minimizing fraud, we can keep the program's cost low, to the benefit of the 99.5% of users who don't cheat.
  • by examining potentially troublesome card images, we make the program better.

Some of our most hilarious refund requests (true stories, read only if you have some sense of humour)

"Your program performed as claimed and recovered all the erased pictures. However, my wife doesn't like them and, as such, they have no value to me. May I have a refund?"

"The demo did show my pictures and I did indeed download the full version, but before I could actually use it, Katie, our dog, had eaten the memory card..."

"Your product put horrible pornography on my husband's memory chip, we want a refund!".

2. Failed deliveries

Bounces, for example because of a typo in the e-mail address, will be automatically refunded after a few days if we can't contact you. You are however responsible of your own spam filters. We can resend the files/code as many time as you want, but we have absolutely zero control on your filters.

3. Double Orders

One of them will of course be refunded as soon as we notice/are informed.